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Over at iheartfaces this week we have the chance to post about the progress we’ve made in our photography journey thus far.

Since  I didn’t start getting serious about photography until the end of last year, I feel like all of mine even now are more like “befores” than “afters”.

But I dug around my files and found quite a few technically and artistically BAD photos.  I still love them because they’re mostly pictures of my kids so I’ll keep them but I’m so glad that I now “know better” and have the ability to take better pictures these days.

Here’s an example of a typical before:


Cute kid but BLECHY photo.  I used the camera I use now but on AUTO of course, with an on-camera flash (yikes), without a clue about composition, or exposure or natural light, or any concern about what was in the background.  Just a fancy camera that I used to point and shoot.

The beginning of this year I realized what better pictures I took when I didn’t use the flash.  I was still on AUTO but because I didn’t know how my camera worked, I manually held the flash down with my finger and shot away (double yikes).

DSC_0267Everything was just so yellow and out of focus. And OOPS I chopped off her feet…

Finally, I got my camera manual out and actually read it!  Lo and behold I did not need to hold down the flash in order to turn it off.  Who knew? Certainly not me!

Ever since that defining moment, I have been gleaning all I can from blogs like iheartfaces and ilovephotography, and Clickinmoms.

And I shoot every chance I get.

I think I learn something everyday.

After looking through all those old picture files, I actually feel a little better and can see that I am, in fact, improving little by little.

These were shot a couple of weeks ago:

maddy graffiti texture

maddy12 copy

Here’s what I shot today.

will play dough I’ve got a ways to go, but I’m loving every minute of it.

Head on over to iheartfaces and take a look at some serious progress being made in the world of photography.

Happy Monday!


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