Carnival Time

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Or else you might be surprised at what’s lurking beneath the cucumber leaves…




fix-it friday

FacesFixIt Here’s my before:

no limit

I’m been practicing my post processing black and whites this week.

So here’s my after:

no limit copy 2

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Happy Friday!

Splish Splash

I’ve been working on focusing with my new lens.


But practice makes perfect improvement, right?

I’ve been on the lookout for good lighting.  Whenever I find it, I stick the closest of my kids in it and shoot.

This morning the light happened to be in my bathroom coming from the glass block window in front of the tub.  I quickly grabbed Will who was finishing his Toaster Struedel (don’t judge, it’s fortified, right?), filled the tub, snatched my camera, and stuck him in.

Here’s what I came up with.

cupwill pouringwill water poureyes tub

Can you tell he was getting weary of all this picture taking towards the end?

Apparently the light wasn’t as good as I thought or my shutter speed was too slow, or my aperture was  too open, or my ISO was too low because the focus was off on all of them.  And I have color cast issues.

There’s definitely lots of room for improvement.

I’m off to go school shoe shopping for all 4 kids.  Maybe I can bribe their little model selves with a pair of new shoes?

Happy Tuesday!

Summer Bounty

Isn’t it so rewarding when you can put dinner on the table made with everything (except the pork chops) from your own garden?

Corn, tomatoes, red potatoes from our garden.  YUM!

Corn, tomatoes, red potatoes from our garden. YUM!

Happy Monday!

button - photochallenge1

This week’s theme over at iheartfaces is “Bubbles”.

This is my 8 year-old peeking out at me from the shower with a head full of bubbly suds.

erik shower copy 3

This is one of the first pictures I took with my new toy:


I know I have some focusing issues but I’m excited to figure it all out!

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Happy Sunday!

Tomorrow  is date night this week so tonight I bummed around the yard with the camera taking shots of anything that would let me.

I’ve been reading up on metering so I wanted to see if I could put that knowledge to work.  At the same time getting some pictures of our giant sunflowers before they’re done.

If you can even believe it, I took nearly 200 pictures of these darn sunflowers!

Here are a few of them:

(I seriously cannot figure out why, but they look SO much better if you click on them)


And then I tried catching the boys between Quiddich matches.

will soccerjack lacrosseboys playingwill smileBlack and white version just for fun…

will smile bw

There’s so much to learn about all this photography stuff!

I’ve got a long ways to go.

But I love it!

Happy Weekending!