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We spent some time at WinCo today…

cartscandycandy-machine-2candy-machineprizecartHappy Wednesday!


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fix-it friday




This was a really fun photo to play with.  Such a cute girl in a beautiful dress needed more than a brick wall to frame her.  So I gave her a little bit of princess-ness. (not a real word.  I know.)

Work flow:

1. Crop and straighten

2. Coffeeshop’s Powder Room 2 to smooth skin and brighten eyes

3. Adjust contrast

4. dodge and burn highlights and shadows

5.  Dodged the crud out of the background bricks

6.  Added a texture layer

7.  Adjusted opacity

8.  Smudged her back to the foreground

9.  Burned a vignette

10.  Reduced noise

11.  Unsharped mask

12.  Decreased saturation

Here’s the Result:


Go check out the other edits over at iheartfaces.

Happy Friday!

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Back to School

4 backpacks….check

4 new pair of shoes…check

2 lunches packed…check

paper, pencils, pink erasers, scissors, tissues, rulers, crayons, markers, calculators…check

permissions slips signed…check

4 tired kids…check

4 different schools this year…check

kids-on-porch-webshoes-webback-packs-webmaddy hi res copyjack-weberik-sitting-web

Can you guess who didn’t want to get up early for preschool?


Happy Back-to-school!

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button - photochallenge1

It’s nostalgia week on i heart faces.

This is a photo of Jack on his 11th birthday (which I STILL haven’t done a post on, DARN it!).  I love Jack for many reasons, one of which is the fact that for every present-giving holiday he has something off-the-wall on his list.  One year it was a carnivorous plant.  Last Christmas it was a ventriloquist dummy.  This year for his birthday he wanted a slinky dog.  A slinky dog?  I mean how many 11 year-old boys ask for a slinky dog for their birthday?  But not being one to shrink from my motherhood responsibilities, I embraced the challenge and set out to find a slinky dog.

Let it be known…

Those suckers are hard to find.

I started out where I always start out no matter what I’m looking for…Target, of course.  No slinky dog there.  I took a deep breath, all the while cringing and faced my next destination…Walmart.  Luckily I made it out in one piece, although unfortunately, sans slinky dog.  I started getting a little leery that slinky dogs still existed.  But I was a determined mom so I threw caution to the wind, double checked to make sure I still had zero kids with me and headed into The Last Resort…Toys ‘R Us (shoot me now).  I was in and out in a flash when I determined NO slinky dog would ever reside in such a place as this.  I headed home resigned to the fact  that I would not be successful in this year’s quest for Jack’s Off-the-Wall Gift.

We just happened to be in Utah for Jack’s birthday, on our way to Chicago and I needed to pick up a few last minute gifts for him.  I had all but written off the slinky dog.  I went to my all time favorite toy store in Utah, The Red Balloon. I love it because it has all the irresistable, high quality, time tested toys I played with as a kid.  You know, the ones without the motors or electronic mumbo jumbo.  Just good old fashioned wood and paint and high quality plastic.  The kind of store my grandma would be proud of.  As I walked past the Schleich figures and rounded the end of the Playmobile display, there on the shelf…you guessed it,  were two slinky dogs! YESssss!  Mission accomplished.   Jack’s Off-the-Wall birthday gift 2009 completed!

nostalgic 2

If you are ever in the market to buy a slinky dog, a carnivorous plant, or a ventriloquist dummy, give me a holler.  I’m your go-to gal.  I’ve got the 411.

Go check out all the nostalgic photos this week.  I’ll bet mine will be the only one featuring a slinky dog.  🙂

(or maybe not…)

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Carnival Time

collage main

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Or else you might be surprised at what’s lurking beneath the cucumber leaves…




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fix-it friday

FacesFixIt Here’s my before:

no limit

I’m been practicing my post processing black and whites this week.

So here’s my after:

no limit copy 2

Go over here and check out the rest of the fix-it fridays.

Happy Friday!

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