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The sun was soaked, paparazzi was spotted, Mickey and Minnie were visited, the Lego inauguration was impressive, miles were traveled, souvenirs were purchased, and Idaho was once again realized.

We’re back!

What I learned on our trip:

  1. When you trade your tried and true Maui timeshare, remember there are those choice few properties in the trading mix  that will take you back to 1984 in all its powder blue and mauve glory.

  2. Checking your kids out of school and taking them on a surprise trip ANYWHERE is awesome!

  3. A GPS navigation in the rental car was pure genius on the part of Hertz.

  4. I’ll be first in line to petition for an In-N-Out Burger in the greater (or lesser) Boise area.

  5. You’ll have tons of email and blogging catching up to do when your 1984 timeshare hasn’t heard of WiFi.

  6. Star Tours is fun the first time and gets a little monotonous after about 5 trips to The Moon of Endor.

  7. Seeing the mix of people at Disneyland will make you feel better about your physique.

  8. But looking through your trip pictures may make you change your mind.

  9. It’s hard after 6 days of sunny California to come home to a windy 35 degrees.

  10. After 6 days of reprieve, it’s hard to get back to blogging.

I’m off to do laundry, emails, grocery shopping, bills, phone calls, and repack so I can fly to San Francisco tomorrow for my sister’s baby shower.  But here are some lots of pictures from our trip.  I’ll be back on Sunday to catch up on reading all the blogs I missed while I was away.

Happy Weekending!!!



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A Reprieve!

We are off to check the kids out of here:


To  hop onto this:






and here:


(OK, not that last one.  But wouldn’t THAT be fun?!!)

And the best part?

The kids have NO IDEA!

Do you know how hard it is to pack for a 13 year-old girl without her noticing and hoping you included all her “must-haves”?

See you next week!!!


Stop by Lorena’s blog and take a look at the sweet little bull calf their dairy cow birthed Wednesday morning.  Jedi Will and I mucked through the manure seconds after the birth in time to see him in all his steamy, newborn glory.  Bruce even put Will to work collecting eggs and feeding the llamas.  Thanks you guys! ! !  Our agricultural cup runneth over.

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Faking It…Part Deux


Remember a few weeks back when I went to H-E-double hockey sticks in a hand basket?  And how the one good thing that came out of that experience was my love affair with a thrift store pair of lenseless reading glasses?  Well, it seems my affinity towards faking it has rubbed off on some of my offspring.  Here’s how it went down at the dinner table this evening:

Erik:  Mom, I’m afraid I need glasses.

Me:  Why?

Erik:  Well, my eyes don’t work sometimes.  Like, at school when I look at something, it’s hard to stop looking at it.

Me: (fighting back a grin) Uh huh.

Erik:  And also today when I  looked at the board I saw a 3 and then the next time I looked, it turned into a 5.

Me:  Do you think maybe your teacher’s handwriting was just too scribbly?

Erik:  Maybe.  But she said I should tell you to take me to the eye doctor and have him check them.  The nurse checked them but I think I should go to a doctor.

Me:  The school nurse checked them?

Erik:  Uh huh.  She said my eyes are perfect.  But that was in January. (eye roll)

Me:  Oh…….Well, do you want glasses?

Erik:  Oh yeah!  I really want them.

Me:  Hmmmmmm.  Well…… how about if we get you some glasses like mine?  You don’t even have to go to the doctor that way.

Erik:  OK!  But only if we can find some that are rectangular.  That’s the kind I want.

Me:  Sure…

(Jack pipes up between bites of baked ziti.)

Jack:  Well, I want to break my arm so I can have a cast like Peter’s that people can write on.

(Ralf and I staring blankly at each other)

Ralf:  How about we don’t break your arm and you can just put a cast on it.

Jack:  (thinking) Yeah.  That’ll work.

Well, at least Jack was willing to legitimately earn the cast by breaking a bone.  I guess all isn’t completely lost.

So if you see me in all my bespeckled glory toting a really short Darth Vader, a skinny little kid with rectangular glasses, and a cast-wielding 10 year old, do me a favor.  Humor me and just play along.  I’m sure it’s just a phase we’re going through. Together.

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Caught on my Flip camera at the local sports store the other day

Woo hoo!



I was beginning to wonder where I was gonna get myself a hand gun.

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We’ve been married almost 16 years.  I think we’re both in it for the long haul.  Some days I find myself reconsidering.  But for the most part we’ll probably stick it out.

Why, then, does my husband feel the need to come up with and test out new pick up lines on me all the time?

It’s not like there’s any question where I’ll end up at the end of every day.

“Sorry Honey, I really can’t come up for a nightcap.  It’s getting late.  I best be gittin’ on home.”

And, as far as I know, he isn’t practicing these lines to use on coworkers since not a single woman works in his office.

Maybe it’s his way of adding a little spice to the marriage.  Role-playing (on his part) perhaps.

Whatever it is, my usual response is a patient rolling of the eyes and a snarky critique of said pick-up line.

“Neh, I wouldn’t go with that one. That’s a little too 1989.”

And lest you think these are witty little gems, here’s the one he tried out this evening as he was lying on the couch watching 24 and the evening news and I was catching up on Facebook updates, emails, and blogs:

Come to bed with me and I’ll show you a stimulus package.

Eye roll.  Snicker. Not bad.

And here I sit blogging while he’s fast asleep in bed.

Happy Monday!

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Happy Valentines Day!


I’m now writing a monthly column in our little tiny local paper.  My first one came out yesterday.  Is it at all surprising that this little tiny paper isn’t online yet?  I didn’t think so.  So here it is (and it isn’t  the Annandale Advocate, if you were wondering.  Like my glasses?):

I went out and did a little shopping with my 4 year-old today.  We hit our regular haunt:  Target.  Since moving here 8 months ago, we’ve become intimately familiar with the store.  Ask us where anything is and we could probably tell you both the aisle number and shelf location.  But I digress.

Lightbulbs, sneakers, cake mix and moisturizer.  That‘s what we had set out to find.  But not one to be deterred by the rigidity of a list, we did our fair share of browsing.   I soon noticed that the shelves and displays that had recently been home to Christmas Clearance were now celebrating Valentine’s Day.

All the usual suspects were present.  Conversation hearts, cupids, cinnamon gummy lips, stuffed teddy bears, chocolates, lacy under things, and cards galore.  The place practically oozed sweet nothings.

Without realizing it, I was making a mental checklist.

Conversation hearts taste like chalk.
Cinnamon gummy lips.  Red food coloring.  Sugar.  Ummm, No.
Teddy bears.  Please! Our house is already overrun with Webkinz.
Chocolates don’t  mesh with the diet.
Lacy under things.  Let’s see how that diet pans out first.
Cards are so much better caked with crayon and Elmer’s glue.

I guess you can’t call me a sucker for timed commercialism.

There was a time when those things appealed to the consumer in me.  Before I assumed the task of  finding just the right box of valentines at the last minute. Before volunteering to be the one to make a bazillion pink cupcakes for school parties.  Before I found myself amid the combination of sugar highs and bedtimes.  Before I became a mom.

Thirteen years and  four children later, I’m a little older and a heck of a lot wiser.

For instance, I know that the best way to divert a child away from the allure of candy is toy bribery.  We were soon moseying our way toward the coveted Star Wars  aisle.  With a child hanging off the cart humming the Star Wars theme song,  I asked myself,
“What do I really want for Valentine’s Day?”
Here’s what came to mind during our migration from the candy aisle to the toy department:

  1. To have everyone eat the dinner I’ve made without the threat of bodily harm.
  2. A conversation with my 13 year-old daughter without her rolling her eyes in that  “Mom, you’re so weird” way.
  3. A family drive without a discussion or demonstration of bodily secretions.
  4. Seven minutes in the bathroom.  Alone.  Without notes being passed under the door, a “Wherrrrrre’s Mmmommm?”, or a Lego emergency.”
  5. A complete telephone conversation without the words “texting”, “potty”, or “timeout” ever being mentioned.
  6. Someone to clean out the backseat of the van and remove the chewing gum, rotting apple core, missing library book, softball mitt, putrid sock, and caramel corn that have taken up residence.
  7. Time to finish the stack of parenting books on my nightstand before the kids become adults.
  8. To be able to eat my entire bowl of oatmeal and read the front section of the newspaper before having to take on the role of Princess Leia.
  9. To have someone besides ME replenish the toilet paper stash in all the bathrooms.
  10. To have an adult conversation with my husband without having to spell, sign, or mouth any words to each other.

We eventually emerged from Target toting light bulbs, sneakers, cake mix, and moisturizer … along with a Clone Wars battle droid, a couple of magazines, and Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother in Glisten (I‘m a sucker for lip gloss).

On the way home, as he sat in the backseat with the chewing gum and the softball mitt, his little voice piped up,
“Thanks for the battle droid Mom.  Do you wanna play Star Wars with me when we get home?  I’ll be Darth Vader and you can be Leia.”

On second thought, the aroma of rotten apple cores is kinda growing on me, a conversation without the eye rolling would seem strange, and I probably don’t really need to eat the entire bowl of oatmeal anyway.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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What's For Lunch?

I have four kids.  Two independent kids buy school lunch.   One very dependent one eats lunch at home with me because we hang out together frequently.  And one takes a lunch to school. Every. Single. Day.

Who packs the lunch?


If you’re anything like me, by mid school year, your well of sack lunch creativity has run dry.  Aside from the daily peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, goldfish, Oreos, apple slices, and juice box, I’m plum out of ideas.

A sack lunch rut you might say.

Imagine my joy in finding this:

Click HERE-> Pictures of 113 of Ethan’s Lunches (in full detail)


Someone has taken her sack lunch creativity and displayed it for the whole world to see.  She is a sharer and I’m a grateful acceptor.

So I’m passing the sharing on to you.

Because I’m nice like that.

I hope it sparks the sack lunch imagination in you too.


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